Save Time and Money: Try Online Piano Lessons


As a parent, you are probably trying to teach your children to be disciplined and hardworking, among other traits. For generations, parents have found that piano lessons are one way of teaching these principles. However, the world today is very different than it was when your grandmother was learning the piano. In many parts of the world, people are practicing social distancing. How then is your child supposed to learn from the hand of their teacher? The answer could be online easy home piano lessons.  

The idea of online piano lessons from home may seem foreign to some. However, with advances in technology, piano instructors can teach piano from the comfort of their home, and parents can start the lessons from home without needing to take their kids to their lessons. This method could be easier for parents, teachers, and even children since they will have more time without having to constantly be in the car. Here are a few other benefits of online piano lessons.

1. Cost-Efficient

Hiring a teacher to either come over or send your child to can cost anywhere from $30–$60 an hour, depending on the teacher. That is a lot of money when you think about your child getting even just two lessons a week over a year! To become proficient they will likely need several years of instruction, which could eventually add up. In comparison, most online courses only charge a monthly subscription, much like a streaming service. Instead of paying even just $30 an hour, you could be paying $30 a month, which could greatly reduce the cost for your family. 

2. Learn the Songs You Want

In addition to lowering the cost, online piano classes can allow your child to have a bit more control over what they want to learn. For example, instead of learning random made up songs to practice hand placement and reading music, they could choose to learn one of their favorite songs from a movie, video game, or their favorite music artist. This helps them to care about the music, becoming almost instantly invested in their lessons. This model takes some of the responsibility off of parents and instead allow students to take a bit of it on themselves. 

In conclusion, with so many benefits to getting your child into online home piano lessons, why wait any longer? Many programs offer their tutelage during the global pandemic, so you could get started today. 


14 July 2020

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