3 Types Of Pianos You Should Know About


Whether choosing a piano for your newly piano-obsessed child or looking for a high-class piece of decorative furniture that also functions as an instrument, you'll need to learn what types of pianos are available to choose from. Here are some of the basics about different types, styles, and sizes of pianos you should know about before you make any decisions.

1. Upright Piano

An upright piano is the familiar boxy piano shape that can sit against a wall, taking up much less space in a room than a larger professional model would. These pianos can be great workhorses for music lesson studios or for students who are just starting out and don't need a professional model yet.

Upright pianos can vary quite a bit in size and in style as well, varying from a lower-end model that may not perform as well to high-end upright. Common styles of upright pianos (mostly based on size) include small spinet pianos, medium-sized console pianos, studio pianos, and upright grand pianos, the largest type of upright.

Since a small upright such as a spinet is likely to be the lightest and most portable style of working piano, spinets can be the ideal instruments for apartment living as well as for people who simply don't have much space.

2. Grand or Baby Grand Piano

If you're furnishing a large house and looking for a piano that can be both a musical instrument and a status symbol, you may want to spring for a grand piano. Grand pianos are also essential if you have a highly advanced piano student in your house who's headed for a career as a professional concert pianist.

A baby grand piano offers the same idea but in a more compact package. Baby grands can fit in a smaller room and don't cost as much as a full-sized grand, yet they still offer a superior playing experience versus an upright piano.

3. Antique Square Grand Piano

If you're looking for a piano that's not only a musical instrument but also an eye-catching antique conversation piece, you may want to go for a unique style of antique piano such as a square grand piano. These unique pianos are a similar height to a normal grand piano (not tall, like upright grand pianos) but have a boxy shape.

One caveat is that these pianos are typically used for decoration, so you may have a hard time finding one that's in good playing order. In addition, they typically are less powerful and versatile instruments than a normally shaped grand piano (due to the shape and size of the soundboard and other limitations) so they're less suited for use by serious musicians.

As you can see, the world of pianos can be quite diverse. Get in touch with your local music store today to learn more about the pros and cons of each type of piano.


17 September 2020

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