The Sacred Store: Why You Should Buy Music At A Store Instead Of Online


There is no doubt that digital music is popular. It is convenient to go to a favorite website and download your favorite songs onto your phone or computer. However, the ease of digital music comes at a price. Here are three reasons to buy hard copies of your favorite songs from a music store instead of downloading them online.

You Own It

When you stream music, you are at the mercy of the provider. If they have a dispute with the artist, or simply stop offering the song, then it is no longer available for you to listen to. Similarly, when you download music to a device, it is only stored there as long as the device works, so if your music player dies, you no longer have your music. Even if you back it up, you only have access to the music for as long as the backup service provides it.

In contrast, when you buy a hard copy of an album, whether a record, cassette or CD, you own something tangible that stores your music. As long as that item is protected, you will always be able to play your favorite songs.

Better Realization of the Artist's Vision

Artists often arrange songs on an album to convey a certain vision or story. For instance, some artists might use their album to show the course of a relationship, or another might use it to express variations on a theme. When you buy a hard copy of an album, it is easier to listen to the tracks in the order that the artist intended. Artists also often put secret tracks on hard copies—tracks that might not be easy to find digitally.

The order of the songs is only part of an artist's overall vision. Illustrated lyrics and liner notes allow fans to see aspects of the overall piece that might not be conveyed in the same way digitally.

Flexibility In Format

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, can drastically limit how you are able to listen to your music. Some license agreements stipulate that you can only listen on certain devices. Moreover, if a manufacturer of a device changes their software to support a different format, then of your music can be rendered unusable. DRM also comes with increased production costs, which they can either pass on to the consumer or the artist, neither of which is good. By contrast, CDs, along with other similar forms of storing music, can be ripped and converted to any format. This gives you complete control of how you listen to your music and assurance that it will remain playable indefinitely.

Buying hard copies of your music allows you better control of your music, as well as a better understanding of the artist's vision. Specialized music stores are still the best place to get recommendations about music, or to have a conversation about a favorite artist. Check out stores like Caldwell Connection to see if they have any of your favorite artists.


8 May 2015

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