Praise Music: Why Every Religion Has Their Own


Praise music is taking the place of many old time hymns in churches everywhere. The biggest reason for this is that more and more churches are incorporating "praise bands" into their weekly services. The praise bands play more contemporary Christian rock and Christian songs, often taken from contemporary Christian musicians and vocalists. However, this trend is not owned by Protestant groups alone. Here is why every religion has their own praise music now.

9 November 2016

Tunes On The Go: Portable Musical Instruments You Should Consider Learning To Play


Learning how to play an instrument can be a relaxing and rewarding endeavor that brings with it the chance to entertain your friends and family at any given social gathering. However, if you're interested in (or if you play) a larger or relatively uncommon instrument such as the piano or the upright bass, you'll have a much harder time accommodating any request for music – after all, who keeps their tuba in their car at all times?

2 August 2016