Praise Music: Why Every Religion Has Their Own


Praise music is taking the place of many old time hymns in churches everywhere. The biggest reason for this is that more and more churches are incorporating "praise bands" into their weekly services. The praise bands play more contemporary Christian rock and Christian songs, often taken from contemporary Christian musicians and vocalists. However, this trend is not owned by Protestant groups alone. Here is why every religion has their own praise music now.

Praise Music Allows the Tenets of a Faith to Shine Through

Different religions have different ideas about God and the afterlife. As such, they all want their music to reflect something of those beliefs. If you walk into a sheet music store to look for Christian music to play, you will probably find sheet music for Lutherans, sheet music for Catholics, and even sheet music for Latter Day Saints (LDS). If you want to buy LDS sheet music or Christian music for a different faith or different holiday, you may have to special order it, but most music stores carry a decent selection to represent most religions.

Praise Music Speaks to Specific Religious Groups

Music for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir may be beautiful for everyone to hear, but Mormon-specific music only really speaks to Mormons. If you are really drawn to your religion and believe it fully and completely, you may want your praise music to reflect that. There are many musicians claiming to be "Christian," but there are also musicians who understand that declaring (quite loudly and proudly) that they are a specific religion tends to draw followers of that religion to their music because followers and listeners want something all their own and connected only to their religion.

Praise Music Helps You Reflect on Your Personal Connection to God

Music always helps people focus, meditate, and reflect. When your praise music helps you focus, meditate, and reflect on your personal connection to God, that is even better. Whether you play music, sing, or just listen, there are musicians and sheet music for your particular faith. You may just find it very relaxing to listen to music associated with your religion/faith, and that is alright too. Whatever, and however, you choose to use praise music is up to you. You can find it in a Christian book store, Christian section of a music store, or online. If you are not sure where to find a specific piece of music, just ask the praise band leader in your church, temple, tabernacle, etc


9 November 2016

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