Inspecting A Used Guitar When Buying At A Pawn Shop


The display area for musical instruments within a pawn shop often appears similar to a music store. With a row of guitars hanging by their necks from a wall rack, you are compelled to move closer for a better look. Musicians or aspiring musicians can find the best deal on a great used guitar at a pawn shop.

Many guitars of all types are for sale in pawn shops. Because of their inherent value, guitars are used as loan collateral. Guitars that are not redeemed are eventually made available to potential buyers. Whether you are looking for an acoustic or electric model, there a few quick inspection steps to take before making a purchase.

Examine the cosmetic appearance

Hold the guitar in your hands so that you can evaluate its surface areas for any scratches or small dents. It is not unusual for a used guitar to have a few slight cosmetic imperfections. The physical condition does not affect its sound, but it does provide some insight into how the guitar has been cared for over time.

Inspect the neck

After checking for any cosmetic blemishes, analyze the straightness of the neck. Raise the guitar up to eye level with the neck pointed away from you. Visually inspect both sides of the neck to ensure that the neck is perfectly straight.

Check for any fret wear

The top surface of the neck is referred to as the fingerboard. The fingerboard contains up to two dozen metal ridges referred to as frets. For the guitar to produce accurate notes, the frets must be smooth and free of excessive pitting.

Some guitarists play particular chords or notes more than others. For much older guitars, repeated patterns can eventually create a small pit in a particular fret directly underneath a string. A fret can be replaced on any older model, and the frets on most guitars show no noticeable wear.

Play it

Whether your guitar of interest is an electric or acoustic model, the next step is to try it out. A pawn shop is a great testing location since there are also amplifiers available for electric guitars. For an electric guitar, test all the controls and switches as you play. Listen to confirm that they change the volume or tone accordingly.

In addition to amplifiers, a pawn shop is likely to have electric cords and other guitar accessories for sale. Also, ask about any other pawned guitars that might be coming available in the near future. A pawn shop is an excellent source for your next guitar, regardless of your skill level. To learn more, speak with a business like Oppleman L Music.


29 May 2015

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