Want to Keep Your Piano in Better Condition? Two Things You Shold Be Doing


Having a piano in your home adds a level of sophistication and serves as a built-in entertainment option. However, keeping your piano in good condition requires work. In addition to regularly tunings (consider scheduling appointments with Cannon Pianos), there are a number of things you can do on your own to maintain your piano. Here are just two practical ways that you can extend the life of your instrument:


The most important thing an owner can do is ensure that they are placing their piano in an appropriate location. Your piano should never be placed in a room that reaches extreme temperature or humidity levels; a more moderately regulated room is best. Particularly when it comes to humidity levels, frequent changes increase the level of moisture in a space. When a piano is exposed to too much moisture this can cause damage. Soundboard cracking or distortion, rust, and warping are some forms of damage.

On the other end, when the humidity level is too low, this can cause the wooden joints within the piano to weaken. If you're limited on space and unable to store your piano in an ideal location, install a humidity control system in the piano. These systems monitor the humidity levels within the piano and add moisture or dehumidify the internal air as necessary. It's also best to avoid installing the piano in the direct sunlight as this can damage its finish.


Regular cleaning is another integral part in piano maintenance. The first area you want to focus on is the cabinet. Some owners overlook this area because it doesn't contain any music-making components, but it's still important. The reason for this is that dust, grime, and dirt that gets built up in this area can quickly travel into the interior parts of the piano and cause damage. Choose an appropriate polish based on the material of the piano to keep the cabinet clean.

You also need to keep the keys clean. Similar to the cabinet, a collection of debris in this area can quickly penetrate deeper into the piano. Each time you play the piano, the natural oil found on your skin gets transferred onto the keys. Keep a dusting cloth near the piano so that you can wipe the keys when you get done using your piano each time.

Make sure you are playing an active role in keeping your piano in good condition. The better you maintain your piano, the longer it will last you and the more enjoyment you will get from it.


29 June 2015

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