Three Qualities That Make One Brand Of Piano More Valuable Than Another


Pianos, like violins and cadillacs, are highly valued acquisitions. Yet, what makes one brand of piano more valuable than another? That is actually an easily answered question with at least three parts, or in the case of a piano, three qualities.

History of the Company

Just like Strativarius and violins, piano quality is associated with history and time. A highly valued piano comes from a manufacturer that has been in business for centuries, and is therefore considered a master piano craftsman. Additionally, pianos that are not mass-produced, but handcrafted over a lengthy period of time are also very valuable to pianists. A Bosendorfer piano, for example, has been produced by a company in Vienna, which has been in the business of making pianos for almost 187 years.

The Soundbox Principle

Also referred to as the "resonation box principle", the quality of the wood used to make the piano's soundbox and the resonation qualites achieved with a particular type of wood is what makes a piano valuable. The soundbox is the largest part of a piano and holds all the strings and striking hammers. When a pianist hits the keys and activates the hammers to strike the strings, he or she is looking to hear a clear resonation of each note. Lack of resonation or too much resonation makes the music the pianist plays sound a little off, and no one will want to hear the pianist play. Ergo, the wood, the quality of the wood, and the soundbox's resonation because of the wood used are all part of the second quality that makes one piano more valuable than another.

Limited Availability

The best pianos in the world have limited availability. This is due, in part, to the manufacturer's decision to limit the number produced, but it is also because construction of each of these pianos is painstakingly long. The perfection of each piano is so important, that some pianos from this limited production are destroyed, rather than sold to the public. It is very similar to finding a rare model of a Tiffany lamp or a rookie baseball card that is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because the rest were destroyed or lost. Only a couple of companies in the entire world manufacture pianos this way, and some pianists spend a long time on a waiting list for such a piano to become available to them. Learn more about quality pianos from Las Vegas Pianos.


4 August 2015

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