3 Great Tips To Remember When Making Music Videos As An Artist


If you're an R&B music artist, it's important to get your name out there in any way possible. One way of doing this is by creating music videos for your best songs. If you've never made these music videos before and still want to be successful, remember these tips. 

Hire a Director

For this music video to really stand out and make an impact on the audience, you want it to play out like a movie. This is possible if you hire a director who can manage every important aspect of this music video. They'll make sure the video lines up with the overall vision you have in mind.

A music director also will coordinate everything, from the way the lights are set up to the actors in each shot. Every detail will be planned meticulously, so you can rest assured that the end result is of the highest quality. A director will also help this video get shot efficiently, helping you save time and money.

Choose a Location

How this music video turns out will depend a lot on location. It will affect a lot of the aesthetic elements in your video, so it's important to choose wisely. It always helps to choose locations that people are familiar with. They'll instantly recognize iconic features in the background, which may draw the audience in even more.

Whatever location you choose for this music video, it's key that it matches the overall theme you're trying to achieve. For example, if the music video is about a breakup, then you might want to show perspectives from each partner's homes. Just make sure the location works thematically overall. 

Stay Unique

Probably the most important thing to remember when shooting a music video is to stay unique. You want your music video to show things people haven't quite seen, as it will make the video stay with them long after they get done watching it.

There are many ways you can approach making a music video unique. You could -- for example -- use unique colors throughout the video. Or, you can use strange visuals that people normally wouldn't associate with your music. This will make them do a double-take with every image that pops up on screen. Just think outside the box.

If you're an R&B artist trying to build a brand, creating new R&B music videos is so important. This doesn't have to be challenging, even if you've never made a music video before. Just know what works for your music and don't be afraid to take chances. 


30 July 2019

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