Terminology To Know Before Buying Your First Piano


The music from a piano has been described as enchanting, alluring, and charming, but regardless of how you describe it, there is nothing quite like having a piano of your own if you play. Buying a piano, which is one of the largest instruments out there, is a major undertaking. There are a few important terms and phrases you should understand before you start shopping. 


Responsive is a term that is most often used when referring to the keys of the piano, but it can also be used to describe the foot pedals as well. You will want to know how responsive these components of a piano are, and each piano player has their own preference. Most people prefer a piano that is highly responsive to touch because the keys do not have to be pushed so hard to make a sound. However, some people prefer to put in a bit of effort with keying the piano, so they may prefer keys that are not so sensitive or not so responsive. 


Housing refers to the body of the piano. In the most basic terms, the housing of a piano is the body that holds all the other working components. It is important to know what to call this part of the piano while you shop because it will make it easier to describe what it is you want. For example, if you need a smaller piano that has a frame that is not as wide, you may say that you need a piano with a narrow housing. 

Piano Action 

This phrase is used to describe how a piano actually works. The most traditional pianos have strings and hammers, of course, but there are some pianos that have electrified components as well. It is important to know a piano's action before you buy it so you can better understand how it works. 


Most pianos have a soundboard inside of their housing. The purpose of this piece is to amplify the noises that result from you tapping the keys so it is louder or more embodied than usual. If you have ever been in an acoustic room with special wood paneling, you will understand why the soundboard is so important. This piano constituent can be made out of several different materials, each with their own sound qualities. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask about the soundboard when buying a new instrument.

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3 October 2019

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