Rebellious Music: How Punk Differs From Progressive Rock


Both punk and progressive rock are considered to be rebellious forms of music. Progressive rock is especially rebellious when it comes to taking an anti-war stance. Punk and progressive rock are both known for having songs with intelligent lyrics. If you're thinking about dabbling in one of these two genres of music, it can be helpful to understand the differences between both.

Origins of Progressive Rock

Progressive rock originally arose out of the psychedelic bands that were trying to move away from pop music. It borrowed from jazz, classical music, and folk. In the past, music was primarily created for dancing and needed a good beat. However, as studios began to produce albums, the focus shifted toward creating music that was intended for listening. This created openings for new genres of music to emerge.

Punk Vs. Progressive Instrumentals

Punk music typically has three chords while progressive rock is more complex. In the 1970s, a common complaint was that record companies chose punk rock over progressive rock, and progressive rock artists had to put more effort into their music. Punk rock was released in larger quantities but was sometimes considered to be of lower quality. However, punk music began to be influenced by other forms of rock music and improved in quality.

The Rebelliousness of Progressive Vs. Punk

Progressive rock is meant to rebel against the conventions of pop and uses unusual time signatures. While punk music was originally meant to be rebellious with music that was raw and gutsy, it has become much more mainstream with the rise of pop-punk. In some ways, punk rock is more reactionary and focused more on getting back to basics rather than experimentation.

The Listening Experience

Progressive rock music is typically longer and requires that the listener concentrate to enjoy the music. Listening to progressive rock is similar to listening to classical music. Some listeners prefer the repetitive tunes of punk rock and find them comforting while others get bored.

The Current State of Progressive vs. Punk

While progressive rock might seem like an older genre, it has been revived in the 2000s through new progressive rock. In the 2010s, the Progressive Music Awards were launched by Prog, a British magazine, to help promote newer bands. Meanwhile, punk rock has not undergone a revival but has rather spun off into numerous sub-genres such as hardcore and emo. Both genres are always able to offer something new.


9 January 2020

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