Which Vocalist Producing Services Should You Consider?


Vocalist production is a process that allows you to take recordings and build them into a complete musical package. Whether you're putting together an album or just a song, there are plenty of reasons to look into vocalist producing services. You might wonder where these services fit into a project. Learn more by reading the information below.

Pre-Session Planning

Recording sessions are rarely as simple as propping up a microphone and capturing magic. Most musical arrangements have some sort of structure, and bringing that structure together into a song requires planning.

If you're going to record 15 tracks, for example, you need to prioritize which ones are essential tracks. Suppose you have three songs that you're sure are absolute aces. You'll want to plan your session time to ensure you get them down. Similarly, you might record two or three songs that are very alike emotionally in back-to-back sessions to keep the same tone.

Developing Your Voice as an Instrument

Singing is an experience that everybody handles differently. Some folks are confident professionals who can walk up to a microphone and use it in conjunction with their voice as an instrument. Others may have never worked with a professional sound setup before.

Regardless of your experience, it's wise to have someone help you think about your voice and the microphone as instruments. If you're performing a vulnerable love song, for example, it's helpful to have a third party listen to your voice. A producer might encourage a singer to dial down and draw out the early parts of such a song to enhance the sense of vulnerability.

To be clear, this work is different than what a vocal coach does. Just as athletes deal with strength and conditioning coaches during the week, that's what a vocal coach is for. Vocal production is about what you do with your voice when the music is made.

Making the Abstract Concrete

It's easy to hear someone talk about specific emotions like vulnerability or anger and feel like the concept is too abstract. What does it mean for a singer to be fierce, for example? You might know it when you hear it, but vocalist production needs to make it come out of you on demand.

The goal is to take specific ideas and string them together into a feeling. A certain note progression might produce a sense of energy, providing a fun song with the extra pep it needs to convey the feeling to listeners. The same goes for harmonies, register changes, and many of the tools a singer develops over a career.


16 December 2020

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