The Top 3 Points to Consider When Purchasing Your First Electric Guitar


Welcome to the wide world of electric guitars! Even if you played an acoustic guitar before, the wide array of options when it comes to electric guitars can be daunting. But really, there are only three things you should decide before you make your first electric guitar purchase. 

  1. Do you want a solid or hollow body guitar?
  2. Do you want humbucker or single-coil pickups?
  3. How does the guitar make you feel?

You're probably thinking that choosing the right guitar (along with other gear you need) seems a lot more complicated than deciding on three options. But here's the thing: any electric guitar can play any genre of music well. While some models are more common in certain genres than others, the sound that you create is mostly based on how you play the instrument, your technique, and your musicality. Besides, it's really cool to see someone jamming country music, for example, on a traditional heavy-metal, shredder guitar. 

Solid or Hollow Body

Solid-body electric guitars are popular in every music genre. The great thing about solid body electric guitars is that you can turn the volume up as loud as you like. The solid-body construction prevents unwanted feedback through the amplifier. Rock n' roll would probably not be as popular as it is today without them.

Hollow-body electrics offer a great woody sound that's softer and more rounded than solid-body electrics. While they're found in every genre, hollow bodies are most often heard in jazz. The downside of these guitars is that they don't handle high volumes very well, as they tend to feedback unwanted noise through the amplifier at high volumes. Some models have a solid wood block in the center of them that helps keep the feedback in check. And some players even stuff socks into the guitar's F holes to gain even more control over the feedback at high volumes.

Humbuckers or Single Coils

Humbucking pickups feature two coils. This gives these guitars a warmer, fuller sound than guitars with single-coil pickups. Additionally, the two coils prevent feedback through the amplifier when you aren't playing the guitar. Hence the name, a humbucker bucks the hum (feedback). Chords tend to sound a little better to most ears on a guitar with humbuckers.

Single-coil pickups sound thinner and brighter than humbuckers. They also send feedback through the amplifier when you aren't playing guitar. In recent decades, numerous manufacturers have developed single-coils that don't hum like traditional single-coils. Scales and single-note runs tend to sound a little more articulate on a guitar with single coils.

How It Feels

Consider how heavy the guitar feels when you hold it. Some models are extremely heavy while some are designed specifically for providing weight relief to the player. Choose based on your strength, the condition of your back and shoulders, and how much time you plan to spend playing it.

The most important factor has been saved for last. How does the guitar make you feel when you look at it and hold it? Does it inspire you and make you wanna play more? If so, then you've probably found your electric guitar, especially if you're new to playing the guitar and unsure of what you want kind of music you want to perform.


19 May 2021

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