A Couple Of Questions To Ask A Motown Music Producer Before Signing Any Contracts


Working with a professional Motown music producer can mean that your music shines and stands out from the crowd when it's ready to be released. Not all producers can provide the same results, and they all offer unique working experiences. Therefore, it's a good idea to ask lots of questions when choosing a Motown music producer to work with. Here are a couple of questions that should be added to a list of your own:

What Specific Jobs Can You Do?

Music producers are expected to perform a variety of different jobs. When it comes to Motown, keeping up with what sounds, messages, and styles new Motown record label artists have success with would be an essential job for your music producer to do. You can expect any music producer you consider working with to know how to record and mix tracks. But it's important to find out what else they can do before deciding whether to sign a work contract with them. Depending on a producer's education, experience, and skills, they may be able to do one or more of the following:

  • Compose and Arrange Music
  • Stand in for Drummers, Guitarists, and/or Bassists
  • Remix Songs
  • Music Mentor

The more your music producer can do, the fewer people you will have to hire to create an album and get the attention of the Motown record label.

How Much Access to the Music Studio is Available?

A music producer may or may not have their own music studio to utilize. Some have built their own custom studios or have purchased one. Some may have access to Motown studios, depending on how many artists they work with that are signed to the label. Some rent space whenever it is needed. Some may even require you to find and rent studio space as necessary.

Therefore, your access to the music studio may be limited. It is a good idea to find out exactly how much access to the studio you will have before deciding whether to work with a particular Motown music producer. Learn about their situation and lay out a few scenarios (like wanting access to the studio within 24 hours of writing a new song) and see how the producer would handle it.

You should also make sure that your contract specifies the type and amount of access to music studios you will have. This will help ensure that you don't face any conflicts while working on an album that would delay the production in any way.  


20 October 2021

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