Why The Violin Is So Hard To Learn Without Professional Help


If you are trying to pick up and learn the violin for the first time, or perhaps you want your child to follow in your footsteps, then it can be very easy to become discouraged without professional help. While the violin is one of the more critical elements to any orchestral score and even many popular songs, that does not mean it is easy to learn with no guiding information. Here are a few reasons why violin lessons are a good idea if you are seriously trying to learn this instrument and don't want to give up on the first few hurdles.

Less Information Online

While some of the more popular instruments that you will find in most bands on the Billboard charts have a lot of information and free classes online, pieces on the violin are much less common. That is for several reasons, including the fact that violins, in general, have gone out of the limelight a little bit and also the fact that there is quite a steep learning curve for violins that require a much more hands-on approach. That is not to say it is impossible to learn the violin, far from it, but compared to some other instruments, it is far harder to transfer knowledge from a website or video into real life.

Tactile Learning

Unlike instruments where it is very easy to see what someone is doing, such as with the piano or the entire brass section, the violin is a bit trickier because all of the movements and positions are not readily viewable by an audience and they change very quickly. Having a professional tutor who knows all these movements and can help you move your hand into the right shape that suits you to play these notes is critical for that very early developmental stage. Learning this the right way will give you a strong base to keep going rather than drop off as so many do.


Perhaps the main reason why violin lessons are so crucial is that you get a real person sitting across from you willing you to succeed at every obstacle. It is so hard to learn and stay persistent with a tough instrument like the violin without someone knowledgeable there to help you with your struggles and advise you on how they got past certain barriers. That kind of help and support only comes from experience and hopefully, you will also be able to pass that love for the instrument on to someone else just like your violin tutor did to you.


8 February 2022

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