Having A Corporate Party? Two Great Reasons To Rent A Photo Booth


A corporate party is generally a gathering that is held outside of work for the purposes of bonding and celebrating the accomplishments of the company. Corporate parties come in many forms, with some being more formal and others a lot more laid back. You may be in charge of planning an upcoming corporate party and want it to be different than anything the staff has experienced in the past. Keep reading to see why you should round out the festivities by renting a photo booth for your next company bash.

13 December 2021

A Couple Of Questions To Ask A Motown Music Producer Before Signing Any Contracts


Working with a professional Motown music producer can mean that your music shines and stands out from the crowd when it's ready to be released. Not all producers can provide the same results, and they all offer unique working experiences. Therefore, it's a good idea to ask lots of questions when choosing a Motown music producer to work with. Here are a couple of questions that should be added to a list of your own:

20 October 2021

Ways to Use Music Radio Streaming While You Exercise


Music is considered beneficial during a workout for a variety of reasons. Not only can it help you feel great about what you're doing, but it may actually help you perform better. Here are some of the ways you could use a music radio streaming channel while you exercise. 1. Keep some pep in your step The chemicals released in your brain while listening to music can help you feel better and keep you from tiring out so quickly.

4 August 2021

The Top 3 Points to Consider When Purchasing Your First Electric Guitar


Welcome to the wide world of electric guitars! Even if you played an acoustic guitar before, the wide array of options when it comes to electric guitars can be daunting. But really, there are only three things you should decide before you make your first electric guitar purchase.  Do you want a solid or hollow body guitar? Do you want humbucker or single-coil pickups? How does the guitar make you feel?

19 May 2021

Why You Should Hire a Live Band on Your Wedding


Weddings should be perfect, and everything should run like clockwork, including the music. Music is always the life of the party, and great music will make your wedding memorable and enjoyable. Do you ask yourself why live wedding bands are all the rage as wedding entertainment? What is so special about wedding bands that no wedding is ever complete without them? Here are some reasons why it pays to retain a live wedding band for your special day.

26 February 2021

Which Vocalist Producing Services Should You Consider?


Vocalist production is a process that allows you to take recordings and build them into a complete musical package. Whether you're putting together an album or just a song, there are plenty of reasons to look into vocalist producing services. You might wonder where these services fit into a project. Learn more by reading the information below. Pre-Session Planning Recording sessions are rarely as simple as propping up a microphone and capturing magic.

16 December 2020

3 Types Of Pianos You Should Know About


Whether choosing a piano for your newly piano-obsessed child or looking for a high-class piece of decorative furniture that also functions as an instrument, you'll need to learn what types of pianos are available to choose from. Here are some of the basics about different types, styles, and sizes of pianos you should know about before you make any decisions. 1. Upright Piano An upright piano is the familiar boxy piano shape that can sit against a wall, taking up much less space in a room than a larger professional model would.

17 September 2020